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International B2B forum for innovations
in automotive & mobility

JULY 12 - 13, 2023



  • 13th July, 10:30 – 11:15

    Piemonte: Innovation Driven by Tradition in the Transportation Sector

    • Fabrizio Ricca, Regional Minister for Internationalization, Regione Piemonte
    • Dario Gallina, President, Torino Chamber of Commerce
    • Stefano Nigro, General Manager, Ceipiemonte


  • 13th July, 11:30 – 11:55

    Connected and Automated Vehicle in a Smart Infrastructure: Teoresi’s Experience

    Marco Bazzani, Innovation Manager, Teoresi Group

    Highly automated vehicles are already operating on worldwide roads, and they are evolving fast, by collecting, and exchanging a large amount of real-life data that can be used to train deeper their machine learning algorithms. Communication between vehicles, infrastructures and other road users is also crucial to increase the sustainability, accessibility, security and safety of future automated vehicles, and their full integration in the overall transport system. Cooperation, connectivity, and automation (the three pillars of CCAM) are not only complementary technologies; they concur in reinforcing each other and will over time merge completely.

    Teoresi Group, an international engineering company, active in the development of cutting-edge technologies and collaborations with public and private entities to develop R&D projects and to contribute to the innovation of our customers, is showcasing its involvement in several national and international R&D collaborations, aimed to enhance the aforementioned directions of CCAM projects.