photo of Frank ABKENAR


Abkenar Consulting
Global Powertrain Director – Ford Motor Company (Retired)

Abkenar Consulting Global Powertrain Director – Ford Motor Company (Retired) Frank Abkenar was the Global Director, Powertrain and Vehicle Thermal Systems at Ford Motor Company till December 2022. In his last role at ford, he led all ICE powertrains, as well as ICE and BEV Vehicle Thermal Systems development and integration across Ford’s global engineering centers.

Mr. Abkenar has held several global roles in Product Development, Manufacturing, and Strategic Planning. Frank has also held several leadership roles in Europe and Asia Pacific, which included launching several Powertrains in new manufacturing facilities in Brazil, India, and China. In Asia Pacific, Frank was Director or Powertrain, leading the growth of Powertrain across the AP markets. Frank is a member of the SAE North American International Propulsion leadership team.

Mr. Abkenar graduated from Oakland University with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He also earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan.