Photo of Beverleen Mashonga


Berveleen Mashonga
Product Manager in Product Planning and Strategy, Hyundai Mobis

Berveleen Mashonga is product manager in product planning and strategy at Hyundai Mobis in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 

She holds a Masters in Engineering from the University of Portsmouth where she completed her degree and thereafter, moved to Germany to work in the automotive industry.

Working on In-cabin and Parking solutions, Berveleen has expertise as a project manager within automotive and is part of the international group called "Women Automotive Network" where she hosted an international event in March 2023 for Women Day and mentors women for career confidence. 

As a mentor for girls and women in STEM, Berveleen strives to empower more people to study and work in STEM. 

Berveleen is also the founder of The Relocation & Career Academy which is a platform created to inspire more people to move abroad and offers mentorship for career confidence and relocation for career opportunities.